What kind of imagery do we create

Our Photography Style

Timo Ilves Photography images are creative, crisp and full of colour. They are romantic, fun and filled with emotions. Our photos are known for a unique style that is based on wedding journalism while influenced by fine-art and fashion photography. We consider ourselves to be not just photographers, but rather artists creating expressive and unique imagery.

Here are the primary styles of Timo Ilves Photography. Our typical style combines elements of each style, adjusted for for factors like client personal preference, lighting and the background. If you like particular style, be sure to let us know during your initial meeting and during your mood board review.

Signature Style

Our Signature Style can be described as high definition, vibrant, crisp, and clean. Skin tones are accurate and the natural colors of the scene “pop,” giving the image a beautiful aesthetic. Below are some examples:

Soft and Romantic Style

Our Soft and Romantic Style can be described as soft and whimsical with filmic textures and tones. This style is perfect for day time scenes with back lighting. Below are a few examples:

Epic Style

Our Epic Style incorporates advanced camera techniques used to create compelling and creative effects. This includes HDR photography, Advanced Off-Camera Flash, Shutter Drags and much more. Below are a few examples:

Our Epic Style also applies to our Night Time Photography. For your engagement session, these would be the last few shots of the night. For your wedding, this would be our “reception sneak out.” For these shots, we again use advanced camera and lighting techniques to create interesting effects. For example, we capture the motion in traffic lights, balance hot lights and flash to create an interesting, moody, yet vibrant image, and much more. Below are a few examples:

Editorial Style

Our Editorial Style incorporates poses and post-production often found in Fashion Photography. These are generally described as “vogue” or stylish and utilize more serious, intense facial expressions. The backgrounds usually are more moody with deep shadows and dramatic lighting. Below are a few examples: